1961 Inception of the legal predecessor
1965 Seed production
1970 Irrigation development infield areas
1973 Cultivation restructuring, starting ofarable and horticultural production for processing industry
1980 Processing of food-vegetables
1982 Private food processing, starting of vegetable drying for export
1992 Inception of Róna Agricultural Cooperative
1997 Onion and vegetable storage investment
1997 TOP 200 /136th place
1998 TOP 200 /127th place
2002 Establishing Róna Ker-Tész Ltd. with majority shareholding
2006 Notable increase of vegetable trade in processing industry
2007 Introduction to fresh vegetable trade
2009 Establishing logistics center for Róna Ker-Tész Ltd.
2015 New refrigerated storage for carrots

The brand in figures

  • More than 20 years of brand
  • Twice awarded in TOP 200
  • Farming in 1690 hectares of a leased land
  • Yearly price income of 2,2 billion forints
  • More than 20 kinds of plants raised annually
  • 12-15% of domestic market share on onions and carrots
  • Number of employees in Róna Ker-Tész Ltd. and Róna Agricultural Cooperative jointly more than 170 people
  • Numerous lease-work enabled for member contractors