Today in Hungary, almost 10-15% of the fresh onion and carrot retail trade is provided by Róna Ker-Tész Ltd.

Róna’s market share on manufacturing raw materials is 2-3 % in Hungary. We produce both for export and occasional niche markets; international delivery is not common. Onions and carrots, required from the fresh market, are 10-15 % of the domestic market share.

The customer needs on the international market of industrial vegetables has turned from the canned vegetables to the deep-frozen and „fresh cuttering”, oven-ready and semi-finished products. The proportion of packed products has increased on the fresh vegetable market, the customer needs turned to the „local” products.

On Szabadszállás and its area, many people are trying to make a living from agriculture. The changed economic conditions, market demands and the possibility of joining the European Union have forced the members of the cooperative and the individual farmers to make some steps, so they decided to establish an EU conform business organization in 2002.

RÓNA KER-TÉSZ Ltd. is a company with 88 natural persons and one legal person. It was formed with the participation of Róna Agricultural Cooperative in order to decrease the costs raised during and in connection with the production; to stabilize the producer price; and to promote the application of different environmental and eco-friendly methods, waste treatment processes that protect the quality of the natural environment and improve the biological state of the environment.

Due to some economic and market reasons, Róna Agricultural Cooperative stopped the drying of vegetables after 30 years. Based on the existing infrastructure, lab, expert team and raw materials, a new production has begun according to client’s requirements.

With an R&D tender, vacuum dryer prototype design and construction was realized, so an instant type drying of fruits and vegetables began.

Róna Ker-Tész Ltd. has introduced a new packaging method (BOPP foil) for onions, abrasion peeled and sliced products such as carrot balls, -sticks, - mini carrots.

Vegetables produced for fresh markets are distributed by Róna Ker-Tész Ltd. for the domestic supermarket chains

  • Tesco,
  • Lidl,
  • Auchan

in a packed form, on a daily basis.

The technology used in production, skills, equipment, irrigation, all guarantee to our customers that they can always count on the contracted quantity, quality and tracking of the products.

Besides the guaranteed returns and guaranteed quality, due to the local microclimate and soil, the same kind of carrot is sweeter and more tasty here than in other area or country. Until Róna carrot is on stock, buyers will not or order just a small portion from other suppliers.