Processing & Packaging Hall
The processing and packaging hall, mainly built with state support of 400 million Forints and equipped with mechanized cold storages, made possible to produce products that are missing from the market.

The carrot refrigerated storage fulfilled in 2015

RÓNA Agricultural Cooperative

Onion chips

Vegetable, parsnip, carrot chips

Natural precooked beetroot - vacuum-packed, sterilized, without preservatives

Natural precooked sweet corn - vacuum-packed, sterilized, without preservatives

„FreshCuttering” Carrot slicing, abrasion peeling, dicing, sticks

Every customer is happy when a product is discovered to be healthy. So are we with the vegetable chips. We prepare roasted onion, carrot and parsnip.

Such new products are the beetroot and sweet corn without preservatives, sterilized in their own juice.

At our company, the proportion of odd sized crops is the 10-30 % of fresh market raw materials. The utilization of these so called drop-out vegetables was a serious professional challenge for us, but in the new processing hall we mechanized the dicing and slicing of the carrots-Natural food is known to have a positive influence on eating habits.

Can it even be enhanced? New product

Vegetable bread spread without preservatives-for export and domestic markets